Alive and Kicking!

Sorry for the complete lack of posts.  I am still alive and well of course, just on a bit of a holiday.  It started with a short break for the summer when I was busy developing a new training course.  Summer break was nice; I forgot how much I used to enjoy them as a kid.  Welll, my work on the course stretched out through the end of the summer and I just haven’t gotten back to regular posting quite yet.

That said, I am also working diligently on a fast-paced IT program that is in a little bit of trouble.  So I am capturing a lot of new material for posting!  For example, remind me to tell you about the time a few weeks back when, after I snapped at one of my own team members, my boss gave me a book called “Angry All the Time”.  The irony!

Stay tuned for regular weekly posting starting in October.