Carnival of Project Management #13

Carnival of Project Management #13

Welcome to the 13th Carnival of Project Management!  I am excited to be the guest host for the Carnival this month for Elizabeth Harrin this month as she “moves house” as they say in the UK.

I received numerous great posts for the carnival on a variety of topics.  When I reviewed them, I found several interesting themes emerging.  The first theme related to learning from what can go wrong with projects.  The second theme that emerged was on improving project communications which of course is a important skill for all project managers.  The third and my favorite theme was related to emotional intelligence (no surprise I guess, coming from me) and that sort of soft stuff.  So without further delay, here are the posts for this months Carnival of Project Management.

Learning from What Can Go Wrong

Sue Massey presents 7 Lessons From A Bad Manager posted at Business Management Life.  I like Sue’s practical advice for learning what you can when you find yourself working for a bad manager, something we all may do at some point in our careers.  (BTW, if you like reading about bad bosses, you might also like my own Bad Bosses, Worst Bosses, and Dumb Bosses).

Scott Sehlhorst presents two posts from Tyner Blain.  First is Perpetually Almost Finished Projects which talks about the challenges of getting realistic estimates-to-complete. Scott also provided Why Your Project Plan Will Fail which provides lessons from various project management gurus about developing plans that represent realistic models for how projects will perform.  Scott even resurrected PERT for this post and that is a tool that not many people talk about these days.

Improving Communications

Edith Yeung presents How to Read People and Get Your Point Across? posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.  Edith makes the point that we all have different learning styles- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic – and when we understand the learning styles of others we can better communicate to them.

Michael presents Speak their language – Tailor your message! posted at Data Governance Blog.  I like Michael’s very straightforward method for determining the part of your message that is relevant to each stakeholder.  Simple but effective!

Emotional Intelligence and the Soft Stuff

Ivan Rios presents How To Make Your Team Happy posted at  Ivan presents seven very practical approaches to take when delegating tasks in order to energize your project team.  I don’t know if doing these seven things will make your team happy, but if you are not doing them, I would almost guarantee that your team will be unhappy.

Warren Wong presents How To Overcome Fear And The Obstacles It Creates posted at INTJ Personal Development.  As a person who lived most of their life in fear, I really appreciated this post.  I could not agree more with the recommendation about the importance of recognizing our fears and then dealing with the uncertainty behind the fear.

John Wesley presents 21 Proven Tactics for Self and Employee Motivation posted at Pick the Brain.  As project managers, we all need to get work done through others and this post provides plenty of tips for getting people motivated.

And if all that wasn’t enough great reading, I have my own contribution from EQ4PMDo You Have What it Takes to Manage Your Projects? This is about the emotional competencies that research has shown are needed by project managers.

I hope you enjoy the Carnival of Project Management!  Thank you Elizabeth for inviting me to be the guest host!  Cheers!  Anthony

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  1. Great job Anthony! I am still without the internet at home (thank goodness for internet cafes) and surrounded by boxes, so not quite settled yet. Thanks for taking over the Carnival this month.

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