Chapter 3 – Self-Awareness for Project Managers

I am excited to report some great news about my forthcoming book.  I have turned over the nearly complete manuscript of Emotional Intelligence for Project Manager; The People Skills You Need to Achieve Outstanding Results to AMACOM nearly one week ahead of the October 31 deadline.  That means that my long days (and nights) of working on writing the book are pretty much over. 

To celebrate that fact, I am going to be posting several of the draft chapters of the book here.  The first one posted is Chapter Three is on Self-Awareness. 

Download chapter3_pm_guide_to_emotional_intelligence.pdf

Thanks to all of you who sent comments of feedback, support and encouragement, it meant a lot to me.

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  1. Congratulations Anthony. Delivering ahead of schedule is clearly the hallmark of an Emotionally Intelligent Project Manager :-).
    I read your chapter twice over and I found it very useful. I liked the combination of graphics and text and I liked the way that you linked EI to other current writing. i.e Blink. Your suggestions on practical ways to improve your EI were very revealing, and I will certainly include them in my future Learning Programmes. There is a plethora of EI books and very few that speak to practical application for a specific audience. In passing, I came across a tome that talked about EQ for IT people. Did you come across any other writers in this genre during your research? I think that your book will fill a gap. Your approach made me think about the specific competencies that are needed for success in particular professions. I found the way that you drew on your own experience to provide examples was very interesting. It struck a chord with me, as I’ve just upgraded my Tune Up Your Emotional Intelligence E-Book into a self-published Workbook with the ISBN no. 976-610-766-1. I will give it away for free once my EQ blog is developed (should be up and running before the end of the year) and I sell a hard copy version at conferences and other speaking engagements. I will email you a copy and I welcome your feedback. Do feel free to add the updated info. to your list of references if there is time.
    I found that turning the publication into a Workbook was a signifcant milestone in my EI learning journey. I suspect that your own journey is quite a tale as well. What did you learn along the way? What did you have to unlearn to achieve your goal?
    Many congratulations again and I’ll definitely be getting a copy. I will keep in touch and I’d be happy to link to your blog and to explore possibilities for collaboration.

  2. Galba, first of all, thank you for your comments and your encouragement. I agree with your assessment of the lack of books or blogs on the practical application of emotional intelligence. This is part of the gap I was trying to fill with my own book.
    I don’t recall specifically any books about emotional intelligence for IT resources. I mostly work in IT and know from experience that there are some IT people who have good people skills and others where the people skills are lacking. Generally it seems that those individuals with good people skills tend to rise to the leadership positions. The rare individuals who can be very technical and still very good with people usually move up quickly in most organizations.
    I really liked your Tune Up Your Emotional Intelligence Workbook and would like to feature it on this blog with your permission. It is short, to the point, and focuses on the application of the material. I will also look at adding it to the book but the cake is in the oven so I don’t know if that will be a possibility or not.
    Please keep me posted on your own blog and progress you are making with providing these services in Jamaica.

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