EQ Research – Surveys Underway Now

I am honored that recently several different individuals have contacted me about research projects being conducted on emotional intelligence and project managment or leadership.  There are currently six different studies on these topics and I am excited about the findings that will come from this work.  Some of the research has been completed and the findings will be made available here on this blog in the near future.  Other studies are just getting underway or are in the survey phase. 

It is that second group of researchers that could use your support as their surveys get underway.  This is where you get a chance to participate, to learn more about yourself, and to get insights into how you compare with your peers.  So I would like to invite you (even challenge you) to participate in the following two studies that are currently underway.

#1 - Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership for Project Managers

The research study focuses on identifying the relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Transformational Leadership for Project Managers.  The outcome of this research will address the knowledge gap that exists around the relationship between our emotions and the type of leadership we exercise in our work place and our projects.  The survey is currently active – please visit the following link to participate:  http://www.emotionsandleadership.com

Researcher:  Dereje Tessema, PMP, CFEA, dereje.tessema@waldenu.edu

#2 – Emotional Intelligence, transactional, transformational, and laissez-faire leadership within a virtual team environment of IS project managers.

In today’s information systems (IS) environment, the projects become intricate making the project managers as change leaders instead of task masters. Despite the rich literature on management and leadership, the current project management framework does not underscore the importance of project leadership for success. Besides, the project manager’s role is further compounded in the virtual team structures enabled by collaboration tools like video and telephone conferences, Internet messenger (IM), email, and online meetings. Therefore, this study attempts to evaluate the relationship of the various dimensions of emotional intelligence and the laissez-faire, transactional, and transformational leadership styles of project managers.

This survey is currently active.  If you hold the PMP certification and work in the IS field with virtual teams, Sriram would very much appreciate it if you would take the survey at:   http://www17.brinkster.com/shreesundar/survey

Researcher:  Sriram Rajagopalan, PMP, sundarinusa@yahoo.com

I am going to be posting more about the other research projects in the very near future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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