Mini-Carnival of Emotional Intelligence Articles

Mini-Carnival of Emotional Intelligence Articles

Ever since I heard the use of “carnival” in blogging, I loved it.  So while this isn’t a traditional carnival of articles submitted by others, it is my own personal mini-carnival of articles that I have stumbled across in the last few days.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

For an academic perspective on emotional intelligence at work, consider this paper written by Sigal Barsade and Donald Gibson, professors at The Wharton School and the Dolan School, respectively.  The 24 page paper is Why Does Affect Matter in Organizations and it looks at emotions, moods, and personality traits and how they play out at work.  Tip:  the use of the word “affect” instead of “emotion” is how you can identify it as an academic article.  This is a pretty dense article with information on different aspects of emotional intelligence, even touching on the conflict between researchers on what is emotional intelligence and how to measure it.

Speaking of conflict, I stumbled across a couple of good articles on dealing with workplace conflict.  Ellen Weber writes about workplace “tone” over at Brain Based business.  Through her post, I found Nick Smith’s Life 2.0 blog and his great post on workplace conflict.  The picture alone makes it worth checking out Nick’s blog.

Soft Skills vs. Technical Skills for Project Managers

CIO News has a short article on a survey that indicates the CIOs are placing a higher value on project management and soft skills than they were in 2001 when technical skills were more important.

On a similar note, a short article in Computing titled Project Managers need better leadership skills say experts talks about the importance of project managers having soft skills.  Research by the Parity Group shows that a lack of clear leadership and business skills among project managers is jeopardising IT projects.

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  1. What a great idea for a mini-carnival and thanks for the inclusion from Brain Based Business. I love how you include the different and unique perspectives here! In my work I’m sort of hybrid between business leaders and university leaders and – while views differ – there is much in common in visions and practices of both. Your post reminds us how so!

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