New Emotional Intelligence Resource

New Emotional Intelligence Resource

I recently learned about Galba Bright and the work he is doing with emotional intelligence.  Galba keeps his blog Tune Up Your EQ current with new ideas and information.

Galba has also produced a simple tool to help get you started thinking about emotional intelligence.  He calls it the Tune Up Your Emotional Intelligence Workbook, and it is one of the various tools that is available on his Tune up Your EQ website.

The things I liked most about the Workbook were the very practical approach and the hands on exercises.  I also liked Galba’s 7 laws of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. I am responsible for my own feelings.
  2. I am responsible for my own behaviour.
  3. I always have choices about how I respond to situations, events and people.
  4. No one can make me upset, angry, happy etc.
  5. Identifying my choices empowers me to take a fresh look at my behaviour.
  6. Recognising my range of choices is an excellent way to start changing my
    behaviour for the better.
  7. I can practice and learn new and more effective behaviours.

I am in total agreement with these laws (except perhaps the British spelling).  In particular I like the concept that each of us being responsible for our own feelings and behavior.  That is empowering!  When we accept that we alone are responsible for what we feel and how we behave, we empower ourselves to do things differently or feel differently.  We are not a victim to others.  We have the power to choose different outcomes.

Check out Galba’s work for yourself and let me know what you think.


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  1. Thanks Anthony for your kind comments about the Tune Up Your EQ Blog. You have a mass of resources here and I find your stories and insights very helpful.

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