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A Bad Day at the Lake is Better Than a Good Day at Work

I was out running the other morning about 6:00am and I noticed some guys out fishing in the lagoons near my house.  Out of nowhere, I remembered a beer can huggie that I used to have about 20 years ago.  It said, “A bad day at the lake is better than a good day at work”.

Huggie 02 copy Wow, I guess you could say that things have changed for me in the last 20 years.  I used to believe in that approach.  Work was not necessarily fun or rewarding, it was something you did in order to be able to pay for the things that you really enjoyed.  In the early Eighties there was even a popular Loverboy song that captured the thinking, “Everybody is Working for the Weekend”.  What a waste of our valuable life energy.

My current philosophy is that work should be fun.  Your work should be something you are passionate about, something that brings you energy and aliveness.  I feel lucky in my role as a recovery project manager because it plays to my strengths and it great fun.  I am working with people I like and respect and the work is challenging yet very rewarding.  I am happy and excited to head into work each day.

If your work isn’t fun and energizing, then you probably aren’t enjoying it much.  And you probably are transmitting that message indirectly through your emotions and body language as well as directly through your comments.  You are certainly attracting other like-minded individuals and creating an image or brand for yourself which is very negative.

If your best days are somewhere other than work, I strongly recommend that you find new work.  Perhaps you need to be on the lake – as the captain or hired hand on a boat charter.  Perhaps you need to be teaching children or painting pictures or growing organic tomatoes.  Figure out what makes you alive, energized, and hopping out of bed in the morning and go do it with passion.