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Angry All The Time

As you may have noticed, I took some time off from the blog.  It started back in June when I took on the development of an Agile Project Managment training course.  I was too busy to write so I took a week off.  That week snowballed into nearly three months in the blink of an eye.  Now that I am nearly done with the Agile course, I have decided to consider it my summer break.  So now it’s time to get back to writing.

You know it is not a good sign when anyone gives you a book and says, this “may come in handy”.  So you can imagine my horror when my client did exactly that and handed me the book, “Angry All the Time”.  Ouch!


Whether or not it is a good book remains to be seen.  What I do know is I felt angry when he gave it to me.  More accurately, I felt disappointed and sad.  Emotions were supposed to be a strength for me, right?  Doesn’t he recognize my expertise in this area?

Apparently, writing about something and then living it out on a day to day basis is not the same thing.  What my client accurately perceived was that I was angry.  I had snapped at one of the team leads on the program in a team wide meeting.  Not a capital offense but worth keeping an eye on nonetheless.

So why was I angry?  I was angry because this individual had just asked the same question in a meeting just prior to the team wide meeting.  At least that was what I thought in the moment.  The reality was a little more complex and to explain that


EMotional Iceberg copy

Anger – Carrying all the upset for the team

Sad – Not going to reach our goals.

Scared – Going to lose my job.