Applied EQ #14: You must be present to win!

Happy New Year!

I was reading Anne Lamott’s book called Traveling Mercies, and she made the comment “you must be present to win” in reference to the way one of her friends was living his life.

The book has nothing whatsoever to do with project management.  Or emotional intelligence for that matter. 

The phrase “You must be present to win” is very relevant to Self Awareness.  The key to “winning” at self awareness is being present.  Present, as in, in the moment.  Self awareness is about the here and now.   With self awareness, we are striving to get in touch with what exactly we are feeling right now.  It is about knowing ourselves in this moment.

Self awareness is not about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.  The only time that what happened yesterday is relevant is if it is impacting how we are feeling right now.  The key is to focus on what we are feeling now.

You must be present to win.  That is the truth when it comes to self awareness.