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Applied EQ #47: A PM Framework for Relationship Management

This post is about the EQ domain of Relationship Management and how it applies to project managers.  The PM Framework for EQ includes the following three competencies for the domain of relationship management:  Stakeholder Relationships, Developing Others, and Truth Telling.

Those of you who were paying attention to the last post are probably wondering what happened to the Mayer Salovey take on relationship management.  It’s coming.  You might also be wondering why the PM Framework only has three competencies for relationship management while Goleman’s framework had a whopping six.  Are project managers getting ripped off?

Well, here is the thinking behind that decision.  I chose to make a distinction between PMs dealing with one-on-one relationships and situations where they are dealing with teams.  In the framework for Project Managers, I included stakeholder relationships, developing others, and truth telling in the Relationship Management Domain.  These competencies involve dealing one on one with individuals.  The areas where we need to work with groups fall under Team leadership.  This includes Communications, Conflict Management, and Inspirational Leadership.  All this is reflected in the newly updated EQ Model for Project Management below.


In our next post, we are going to begin to explore each of these 3 competencies within the Relationship Management Domain, starting with Stakeholder Relationships.