Do Project Managers Know about EQ?

Do project managers know about Emotional Intelligence?  That was something I wasn’t sure about.  It is hard to imagine that project managers have not heard the term.  But easy to imagine there are project managers who have been too busy to read about or discuss the term.

And so it was a question that I included in the survey of project managers.  The question asked in the survey was:  How would you rate your understanding of the concepts of emotional Intelligence?

Graph_of_understanding_of_concepts_of_em_3With a total of 69 responses [updated Nov. 23], we can start to get a better understanding of where project managers stand.  The answers to this question are shown at the left.  Of the 68 project managers that responded to this question, 36 were either not familiar or only a little familiar of the concepts of emotional intelligence.

I think the survey shows that there is a large group of project managers out there who really don’t understand emotional intelligence.  Now I need to figure out the best ways to reach this group…