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Foundation Series: Start Here if You Are New to This Blog

I’ve been blogging away about emotional intelligence for project managers since November of 2005.  I am still discovering and posting a lot of new and great information.  However, if you are new to emotional intelligence, you may prefer to start with an overview and introduction to the topic before you launch into a mid-stream discussion.

So, with a nod to Scott Sehlhorst over at Tyner Blaine for his use of the phrase ‘Foundation Series’, here is my own Foundation Series for applying emotional intelligence to project management.

Foundation Series #1:  Intro to The Project Managers Guide to Emotional Intelligence

FOUNDATIONS #2:  Self-Awareness is the First Building Block PMs Need to Understand

FOUNDATIONS #3 Self-Management is the Second Building Block PMs need to Understand

FOUNDATIONS #4 Social Awareness is the Third Building Block of EQ for PMs; it’s about reading others accurately.

FOUNDATIONS #5 Relationship Management is the Fourth Building Block of EQ for PMs.  How we deal with others is the key to the success of our projects.

FOUNDATIONS #6 Team Leadership is the Fifth and final Building Block of EQ for PMs.