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More Research on Emotional Intelligence and Project Management

Last week I wrote about a couple of research projects that are currently underway to study the relationship between emotional intelligence and different types of leadership in project managers.  I encouraged all project managers to participate to help with the research.

EQ Measurement2     

These were only two of six research projects that I have learned about.  Two other projects that have not yet reached the survey phase are described below.  I have requested that Chris Haigh and Donnisha Beverly please let me know when they enter the research phase and I will post the links to their survey and any relevant updates here.

#3 – Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Project Managers

This research is on emotional intelligence in project management, the benefits that can be offered, and how much is intuitive.  The objective is to determine whether emotional intelligence is an intuitive ability amongst skilled project managers, must it be taught or trained, or is it an application of common sense?

There are two two key objectives to this study:

  1. To determine how many project managers are aware of emotional intelligence, and how many deliberately use it as a tool.
  2. To discover if project managers not aware of emotional intelligence as a concept, still intuitively perform the same basic principles.

Researcher:  Chris Haigh

Warwick University, UK

#4 – Perception of IT Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence

This research will help to evaluate the employee’s perception of IT leaders’ emotional intelligence and the influence of IT leaders’ EI on employee job performance.

Researcher:  Donnisha Beverly

University of Phoenix

I look forward to hearing more about these research projects and I will keep you posted.