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Maiden Post of EQ for Project Managers Blog

Well, I did it.  After mulling it over for about 36 hours I took the advice of my new friend Rajesh Setty and started a blog.  To be fair, Rajesh was the second person to recommend that I blog.  Barbara Brown of BrownWoodFish was the first.  And Deborah Mersino, my sister-in-law and volunteer brand manager, was the third.

Why am I blogging?  Good Question.  The short answer is to provide a forum to discuss the application of Emotional Intelligence to Project Management.

What should you expect to see here?  I don’t know for sure.  Project Management stuff.  Emotional Intelligence APPLIED.  Continuous Improvement.  I think the why statement above provides some boundaries so that you can be sure you aren’t going to see pics from the neighbors litter of kittens  or musings about why Starbucks charges for WiFi access while Panera is happy to give it away.  Beyond that, I have to admit I am a little new to blogging so we may just have to wait and see.  (I hope there are no unwritten rules about writing really dumb stuff in your first post that is the kiss of death for your blog.)

Who am I?  I am an experienced IT Project Manager, consultant, and teacher.  Soon to be a published author.  I focus on what helps project managers get better so they can be more successful, make more money, take on larger projects, or just be more happy and stress free.  My passion since 2001 has been on applying Emotional Intelligence to life and to projects.  I think there is incredible potential in Emotional Intelligence or EQ based on my own firsthand experience.