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New Emotional Intelligence Resource for Leaders

I stumbled across this interesting review of the book Resonant Leadership.  That book was written by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee.  The review is titled The Difference between Leaders and Managers, and it was written by Steve Denning.

You may recall that Boyatzis and McKee were co-authors with Daniel Goleman of Primal Leadership.  As I read the review of the Resonant Leadership text, it sounded a lot like that text.

Denning makes some interesting points about the book.  The one that resonated with me (pun intended) was that the author espouse that leaders need to apply emotional intelligence but they provide little or no guidance on how to apply emotional intelligence.  I hope that readers of this space find what is posted here helpful, specific, and detailed enough for readers to understand how to apply emotional intelligence.

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  1. Galba Bright

    You are covering some interesting ground and I applaud you in looking at the practical application of EQ in a real world project management setting. Steve Denning’s article made me stop and think and there’s some strength in his argument. It has made me think more clearly about the difference between management and leadership. I think Boyatsis & McKee’s book’s strength is in the framework that it sets out. I don’t see it as book that tells you how to apply your EQ. For me, once I understood the framework of the sacrifice syndrome and the cycle of renewal, I was able to apply the ideas and to encourage others to learn them. I found that some people made the same critique of Primal Leadership, but the lack of practical application wasn’t a problem for me. Different readers want different things from a book, however Steve Denning’s point about being clear about definitions is very sound. Perhaps the real issue is “is resonance an important concept for today’s managers?”

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