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What makes project managers successful?

What Makes Managers Successful?

I found an interesting study while conducting research for my “Smart People Dumb Mistakes” presentation.  The study looked at the factors that differentiated failed managers from successful ones.  The study looked at 169 managers where roughly half were terminated for performance issues and the other half were performing well.  The differences between the two groups were remarkable in that five of the eight factors were related to emotional intelligence:

Characteristics of Failed Managers:

  1. Unable to build a cohesive team*
  2. Over-manages or under-manages
  3. Overly ambitious
  4. Not supportive, and demanding of subordinates*
  5. Overly emotional*
  6. Insensitive, cold, and arrogant*
  7. Maintains poor relations with staff*
  8. Has overriding personality defects

*Factors directly related to emotional intelligence.

This study was conducted by Michael Lombardo, Marian Ruderman and Cynthia McCauley and is documented in the book, Why Smart People can be so Stupid.

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