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What is EQ4PM Really All About?

So what is EQ4PM really all about?  Why do I feel so strongly about addressing this topic and who am I to address it?

This post is about getting this blog off on the right foot.  To do that, there are at least 5 things that we need to establish straight off.  These could be considered foundational principals.

  1. Is Emotional Intelligence important to Project Managers?  The answer is obvious to me but may require some proof before it is evident to other PM’s.  EQ and relationships are both critical to project managers.
  2. Why I am an excellent person to write on this topic.  I don’t claim to be perfect, or even necessarily the best, but I am an excellent person for this topic due to my experience as a project manager and the time I have spent over the last 4 years working on Emotional Intelligence and applying it to small group and project environments.
  3. Do Project Managers know or care about Emotional Intelligence?  There have been a gazillion books on the topic (heck Daniel Goleman claims to have sold over 5 million copies of his book Emotional Intelligence alone).  That doesn’t mean that the average Project Manager read anything, remembers anything, or even that they care about EQ.
  4. Are project managers finding value in the current, published literature on Emotional Intelligence?  As noted above, there are a gazillion books published about EQ.  To get value, PMs have to get the books, read and absorb them, and be able to apply them.  My belief is that few project managers get any value from the books.  They either have not read, or read and have not understood, or read, understood, but failed to apply the lessons.
  5. Can the application of Emotional Intelligence lead to success at larger and more complex projects as well as satisfaction with our lives.

These are some of the big questions we need to tackle over the next few posts before drilling into the specifics of Applied EQ.